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Hello there. We're Massive. We make films.

Not big blockbusters, mind you. Little funny things. We've never spent more than £20 on a film, and what we did spend came out of our own pocket. So you know what you're getting with Massive, and you know it came from the heart. Right, enough of that nonsense.

We're a bunch of friends just doin' what teenagers do best: proactively contributing to the community spirit. Or something. Massive began one balmy March weekend when we picked up a camera and said "Yeah". Well, we didn't say "Yeah". That would have just been silly. We probably said something more along the lines of: "Hey, you know that sketch we were thinking about? Yeah? Let's do it". Alright, so we did say "Yeah" but it was in context and not just a random exclamation. Phish-phlaps!

You may have heard of our feature-length thriller/drama "Keyhole", but then again you may not have, since it doesn't exist.  You may be familiar with Quentin Tarantino, the director of Pulp Fiction, the Kill Bill opus and other such films, and if you do please please please set us up a meeting. He's just dreamy. What you will know
us for is our smash hit series of short films Mr Brown, but then again you may not, since it was never released outside of the UAE.

Suffice to say we're not big yet. In fact, we may never be big. But still, we'd love it if you watched our films, told your friends, maybe even buy a DVD, but really it's up to you. Buy a DVD if you want to live.


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