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Mr Brown Cover As the tagline goes: "Mr Brown is a clown. Not really". However, Quentin T Brown really is the average man. We all have an obsession with staples, don't we? Hugh Williams delivers his breakthrough performance in this suicide cult classic.

A series of four episodes: Staples, Quentin, Private Eye and Death of a Stapler.

The press can't help but shower praise on us:
"What the hell, are you guys on drugs?"
- Dr Hernan

"A Real Gem!"
-Real Gem Magazine
Mr Brown Cover Ah, our magnus opus. Whatever that means. At 15 minutes long, the longest and most absurd Mr Brown episode ever is a triumph of film and comedy. If you were left hanging by the last episode of Mr Brown this'll remove the noose.

Mr Brown wakes up to find himself caught up in a murder case, on the run from a deranged and strangely polite killer.

Oh, how will it end? Tune in to find out. Or don't tune it, because you can't tune into a DVD, can you?
Mickey's Quickies Picture A gay chef hosts a cooking show where pseudo-famous celebrities come and help with the cooking! What could go wrong?

Well. You just know something's going to happen now. It's like a bloody jinx.

Matthew Bredikis plays an unsettlingly convincing ho-mo-sexual in this one-off sketch filled with humour that's less politically correct than your face.

Wow. Must be good.

Consider The Following

They said you couldn't make a film about nothing. They were wrong.
Obviously. Else this wouldn't be a film, would it? But it is. Right?

Consider The Following is a poignant-ish tale about the downtrodden,
sorry folk who pass us by every day, just yearning for some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
We don't know what it means to them. Sock it to me.

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