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Yarr! Massive Films drags another enfant terrible into our midst, kicking and screaming out of the proverbial womb of obscurity. In the absence of everyone else in existence, this new unholy partnership has released Consider The Following. It's a short tale about nothing in particular. But it's worth watching nonetheless. Partly because it's available for free, in full, right bang in front of your nose on the Watch page. Go! Watch! Multiply!

It has been decided that we will begin to offer an alternative method of injecting Massive humour directly into your veins. Instead of forking over an entirely reasonable amount of money for the Massive Collection DVD, you can now buy individual videos from us for the princely sum of a dollar fiddy ($1.50 for those not up with the two-step lingo in the club). What excuse do you have now? GO! BUY! PROPAGATE! On other fronts, perhaps the demise of Massive was hastily declared. Two of the core team are remaining in Arabia's fetid womb while the rest skip gaily away to the four corners of the Earth. So perhaps we will spew out some more of our creative bile, who knows? We do. And we're not telling.

for 240 unique visitors from all o'er the world in March! You're all unique. Each and every one of you. We've managed to ship off a grand total of TWO (count 'em) Massive Collection DVDs from the site, and
countless (read "about 20") others in the local market without any promotion. In fact, one could say they're going like freshly baked goods although i've never actually seen a sale of them myself. Reminds me of Big Train. Anywho there's not much of a future for Massive as every single member of Massive other than poor little me (Rhodri) is most probably leaving the country when the summer sun comes around with its bitter rays of light, some of which is ultraviolet and can cause burning, tumours and blindness. Double-edged sword, you see. So unless we decide to actuate pretty sharpish or do some churning during the summer, then... it's the end. Rather short-lived. Oh well.

Well, the first duplication run of the Massive Collection is now complete, and you can pick it up from the ordering page. The premiere's on a bit of shaky ground, due to some censorship issues. That's right, I said "censorship". Of Mr Brown. But it'll probably be happening this month. However, we've put up all the film previews, and two full-length shorts (Staples and Quentin) which you can go and ch-ch-ch-check out on the watch page. But you won't be able to enjoy the full Massive experience unless you buy a brilliant, valuetastic Massive Collection DVD. Pleeeeeease.

Erm... nothing. At the moment. We've just finished post-production on The Brown Identity and are preparing for a premiere and release later this month. If you'd like to come to the premiere, keep an eye on this page for details.

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