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The Massive Collection DVD

All that is good in the world packaged in a nice square black box.

It's everything we've ever done. Ever. More than 2 hours of Massive's signature brand of offbeat humour, surreal situations and characters that are more warped than that wood plank you left outside last February. And that's warped. 

  • The Mr Brown Series
    • Staples
    • Quentin
    • Private Eye
    • Death of a Stapler
  • The Brown Identity
  • Mickey's Quickies
  • Tons of extras, including:
    • The Making Of
    • Deleted Scene. Just One.
    • Director's Commentary
    • Subtitles for Mr Brown
    • The Legend of Buffalo Boy
    • and not much more!

Massive Montage

If you've enjoyed the previews, you'll love the full films.
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All of our profits go to the Massive Films charity for impoverished directors and actors.
Even though you've watched Staples and Quentin, please consider buying them if you liked them.

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Private Eye
Death of a Stapler
The Brown Identity
Mickey's Quickies

Praise from our very first customer, Carl in California:
Well, guys, it was worth the wait. Your DVD arrived in California today, and I (your first customer) am happy to report that it's good - and very funny. You're on to something, and I hope that you develop your talents. Just keep those eggs away from Mickey...

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